Perhaps we are well aware, due to changing concept of modern life style, where there is already a generation gap between land farmers employment opportunities, for which in our state West Bengal, 80% of total population are yet dependent on non organized sector including farming, day wage earners in so-called industries either in our state or outside.

The deprive section of educated young generation are now started hunting one of the growing tendency of those unemployed educated youths our rural Bengal as a whole and now there are many such windows are being opened. One of which commonly called as teacher. Which is attractive now on public sector employment for the rural educated youths. Although there are categories of Teacher’s such as Secendary, Higher Secendary, and Degree Level, but gradually opportunities are also reducing in those sector under the scheme of education for all upto 14 years age level. The avenue are more bigger that is why this project is highly needed for rural educated youths.

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Our Vision

To meet crying need of ideal teachers, a national policy is also formed and Government of India is also permitting NGOs to open such educational institution in our Country. Rajib Gandhi Memorial Primary Teachers Training Institute is born with all moral, legal and unconditional financial support from one NGO namely Youth Welfare & Cultural Society, Howrah. To open one new such avenue to youths of under privilege unemployed educated youth of remote rural area of Howrah-West Bengal. To fulfill the rights as pacribed in our Construction for the proper benefit of “ MAA MATI MANUSHER HOUK JOY”.


Information will be published again in this website for wide circular to all the employment thirsty unemployment educated rural youths after complying all the formalities from N.C.T.E.

"Education must be a great equaliser in our society. It must be the tool to level the differences that our various social systems have created over the past thousands of years."

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